Working From Home: Expectation vs Reality

Everytime I get a job offer to work in a real office, I decline it thinking “hey working from home is great for me, there’s so much more I can do”. I have all these expectations about things I could do and achieve but within a few weeks, I recede back into my “work from home” persona. Which is essentially, me in my pyjamas talking to myself!

Here’s a few of my observations on “expectations vs reality” when working from home:

Expectation: I will take care of my body, hair , face.

Reality: Eating take out every other day, not getting a haircut or shaving until I look like an animal.

Expectation: I will cut down on cigarettes or coffee.

Reality: Can’t begin/continue or stop work without cigarettes or coffee.

Expectation: I will read more books!

Reality: I now follow obscure and unknown youtubers.

Expectation: I will make a schedule and stick with it

Reality: Takes 3 hour nap every afternoon.

Expectation: I will be healthy, energetic and relaxed.

Reality: Backaches, eye-strain, carpel tunnel syndrome!

Expectation: People will think I’m cool 😉

Reality: People think I am an internet troll!

Expectation: I will have more time to spend with family.

Reality: Googles “excuses to get out of family engagements” every week!

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