Working From Home: Expectation vs Reality

Everytime I get a job offer to work in a real office, I decline it thinking “hey working from home is great for me, there’s so much more I can do”. I have all these expectations about things I could do and achieve but within a few weeks, I recede back into my “work from

Some Strange Ideas For Being More Creative

A simple search term on Google like “How to be more creative” gives about 3,09,00,00,000 results and a great number of articles. So I’m not going to inundate the internet with more similar ideas. After all,  isn’t creativity all about thinking out of the box? I write. That’s what I do. Although the articles I

Dealing With Mental Burn-Out or Exhaustion

When I talk about mental burn-out, I mean the type of exhaustion you feel after working too much. In any field there’s only so much work you can do in a day before you start running out of ideas and even the simplest task seems like an insurmountable chore. So before you start getting stressed

Remedy For Isolation (When Working From Home)

Working from home can be an isolating activity and it can quite often get you feeling down. While many people enjoy being alone, no one enjoys being lonely. After all, human beings are social creatures. Watching a movie, playing a game, enjoying a sport, everything is more fun when the people you love are around.

Belief In God Can Increase Self-Control

This might seem like a controversial idea at first, but the more you think about it, the more obvious it gets. Religious doctrines require people to refrain from certain activities. For example, consumption of alcohol or gambling is forbidden in Islam, or if you grew up in a kosher household, you were forbidden from eating

The Not So Good Things About Working From Home

Some people really relish the idea of working from home. Oh! How naive of them. Little do they know, working from home comes with it’s own unique set of perks and pitfalls. Certain personality types are adept at dealing with said pitfalls, while for some others, it may drive them crazy. Hey, but you never